The Argan Tree

About the Argan Tree

Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing area and its high levels of natural nutritional value. Moroccan gold (Argan Oil) is exceptional for both Culinary and Cosmetics uses.

The Argan tree is a Berber symbol and the root of the oldest Moroccan culture. The tree is found in South West Morocco, where the local population of Berber Women have for centuries extracted high-quality oil from the tree’s kernals.



The Argan tree grows 8-10 meters in wild semi-desert soil. The deep root system helps to protect against soil erosion. The branches are thorny, with gnarled trunk and flowering petals that bloom in April. 

The Argan oil process starts

Rooted in the rich traditions of our Moroccan ancestors, our family handcrafts each argan product with an attention to detail and commitment to quality that is truly unrivaled. Our process begins in the sun-kissed Argan groves of Morocco, where our family meticulously selects the finest argan fruits, ensuring that only the purest ingredients make it into our products.

The handpicked argan nuts are then manually cracked, an age-old technique passed down through generations, and the raw kernels are carefully extracted. This traditional process is labor-intensive, but we believe it is the only way to preserve the potency and integrity of the valuable argan oil.

In our humble family-owned workshop, these kernels undergo a cold-press process, without the use of any chemicals or heat, to produce the purest, most potent argan oil. We then craft a range of argan products, from skin and hair care essentials to culinary delights. Each product is a testament to the beauty and benefits of this “liquid gold,” brimming with nutrients such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Our family's commitment extends beyond ensuring exceptional quality. We believe in delivering the most authentic and ethically sourced argan products directly to you. We are proud to offer traceability, giving you peace of mind knowing that our products are sustainably harvested, and ensuring fair wages and working conditions for our dedicated workers.

Helping Women:

By choosing our family's handcrafted argan products, you are not only getting the highest quality, but you are also contributing to a more sustainable and fair world. We invite you to experience the purity and power of our argan products, a labor of love and tradition, carefully crafted just for you.


We stand for organic products; our ECO Certified and produce Argan Oil without chemicals and pesticides.

"I Moe (a owner of Azagar) would like to Thank you for your purchase of our 100% pure hand pressed Argan Oil. Being raised in a Traditional Berber family, I take great pride in introducing and continueing to bring you high quality Argan Oil.